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ApolloGen Dr. Wang in Laboratory


Genetic Testing


ApolloGen is a new genetic testing lab in need of an effective marketing strategy, including defining their identity, strengthening their brand and online presence, and creating collateral. Their business is complex because their patients must be referred by a medical professional. Apollo Gen needed to integrate clear messaging that their consumers could understand, while maintaining a sense of strong and trusted professionalism within the medical field.


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Our client needed a new logo, new website, and all new collateral to help establish their marketing strategy. Their brand new marketing needed to educate their audience and introduce potential clients. With an audience almost entirely residing in the medical field, Apollo Gen needed a standout logo that had a strong professional presence to it. In tandem with the logo, their messaging also had to represent their reputable and trustworthy feel.

We whittled down their content into a digestible, manageable format. Although the nature of their business is complex, we wanted to ensure that their website was user‐friendly and easy to understand. We helped define the lab’s identity by creating a logo, a look, and messaging that was integrated throughout all of the assets created.

Website Before
Old ApolloGen Website Before Devise Interactive New ApolloGen Website After Devise Interactive


We wrapped the letters ATCG – representing 4 of the nitrogenous bases associated with DNA – with an outline that mimics a cell’s membrane. The font selected had clear, geometric, but classic typography to speak to their highly professional audience. We contrasted the optimistic (and hopeful) Orange Pantone 32C with the reliable and trustworthy Pantone 22 Blue to represent our client’s medical business.

ApolloGen Logo on DNA Texture
ApolloGen Color Logo
ApolloGen Identity
ApolloGen Logo Mock Up
ApolloGen Color Logo Mock Up


Working closely with their carefully crafted message, we worked to integrate their identity throughout the website. We built identity, branding, and messaging specifically designed for their marketing audience.

Current ApolloGen Website
ApolloGen Web Pages


We also worked with our client to weave the newly constructed identity into all conceivable marketing collateral, which included items as seemingly small as business cards and as large as tradeshow displays.

ApolloGen Business Cards
ApolloGen Pamphlets
ApolloGen Tradeshow Booth Mock Up


Our team also coordinated a full photoshoot of high resolution imagery of their laboratory. We documented and edited photos of their working environment, staff, and their top‐notch equipment to show potential clients who they are and how they work.

ApolloGen Dr. Wang Working ApolloGen Wendy Su Working ApolloGen Labratory ApolloGen Genetic Testing
ApolloGen Color Palatte ApolloGen Font
ApolloGen Tradeshow Booth