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Dacik Fit Foods, a local family-owned meal-prep company, felt their identity didn’t properly represent the integrity of their food or service. Their outdated website lacked an online ordering option, limiting the Dacik team to take orders via phone and manually input thousands of orders in excel sheets. We revived Dacik Fit Foods’ business model by creating an entirely new brand foundation, identity, and website to showcase their unique values, build customer loyalty, and simplify the ordering process from both a customer and operational standpoint.


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The Dacik Fit Foods brand logo was unclear, leaving customers questioning the nature of their service. The Dacik team was regularly posed with the question, “What exactly do you do?” Placing orders via phone was inconvenient for customers, and sifting through hundreds of orders in excel sheets was inefficient for the Dacik team. We sought to resolve both of these shortcomings; our creative and development Devisers created a vibrant, memorable brand and website to illuminate the company’s purpose and pillars of quality.

The brand logo was formulated by understanding what distinguished Dacik Fit Foods from local meal-prep competitors. Their family-oriented, wholesome approach was surely at the top of the list.

Customers swore by the homemade quality in each meal, and, at a very affordable cost, knew Dacik Fit Foods was the perfect fit for their everyday needs. To convey the company’s level of trust and promise, the logo was designed in a circular shape to resemble a badge. Bold lettering and colors were further utilized to establish presence.

We made sure to provide the Dacik team with automatic solutions to make order management as effortless as possible. A user-friendly website was engineered for customers to easily place orders online, sign up for subscriptions, and include any dietary restrictions that they may have.

Dacik Fit Foods logo


Dacik Fit Foods before and after


We crafted a custom “Dacik” type paired with complimentary typefaces that encompass the attributes of vegetables, such as wavy, jagged edges. Each of the logo’s vibrant colors—green, orange, and purple—were selected to represent broccoli, carrots, and eggplant, representing healthy eating.

Dacik Fit Foods shirt
Dacik Fit Foods typography
Dacik Fit Foods logos
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We designed and developed an eCommerce website with an automated, subscription-based ordering feature that allows customers to effortlessly place and receive orders weekly whether viewing on a desktop computer or mobile device.

Dacik Fit Foods web development
Dacik Fit Foods website pages
Dacik Fit Foods logos


Consistent and cohesive brand usage was employed across all print mediums, including brochures, posters, trade shows, packaging, van wraps, and more. Showcasing the tasty food and generating assets for marketing purposes, we developed a library of their offerings. We also developing consumer facing language sure to set them apart in the marketplace and aid in their storytelling.

Dacik Fit Foods web development
Dacik Fit Foods website pages
Dacik Fit Foods website pages
Dacik Fit Foods logos
Dacik Fit Foods logos
Dacik Fit Foods logos
Dacik Fit Foods logos
Dacik Fit Foods logos