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For years, Thermal R&D has run a successful American business right under the radar. Although they have a well‐established reputation in the automobile world, they were known as a wholesaler making their business through selling quality products to resellers, not direct consumers. When they came to Devise, they had a limited website with outdated information, very few marketing assets, and no images of their products, but they knew it was time to revamp.


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Our client came to us armed with a readiness to elevate their identity, overhaul their marketing strategy, and grow their business for direct consumers. To help our client reach a new audience –with their newly targeted products, the first step was to cultivate and enhance our client’s identity. We focused on making their brand more accessible to their growing clientele.

We transferred our client’s brand into a user‐friendly website and various marketing assets for tradeshows to improve the visibility of their product line as they expanded their business. We integrated high quality photography, complex product management backend, and consistent graphics to round out their marketing overhaul with a new business development focus.

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Thermal R&D Old Website Before Devise Interactive Thermal R&D New Website After Devise Interactive


We focused on the exposure of our client’s products on the website, while integrating and elevating the brand identity. We developed an easy, searchable solution with a custom product management system backend. Our client’s customers are able to browse the products – with their high quality images – and even locate them for purchase at the nearest store via zipcode.

Thermal R&D Website on iPad Thermal R&D Webpages Thermal R&D Products Page Thermal R&D Exhaust


The visuals are a critical element of this product oriented website. We partnered with Sparkhouse to capture hundreds of products – some so large that the photoshoot took multiple days! We produced high quality photos to provide the consumer with the best possible information about our client’s products.

Devise partnered with Sparkhouse to capture hundreds of visuals for product‐oriented website. We producing the high‐quality images in spite of the materials they were made of ‐ such as the reflective “made in the USA” chrome. The high quality photos connect R&D Thermal’s products to their consumers.

Thermal R&D Logo Mock Up
Thermal R&D Welder
Thermal R&D Custom Welding
Thermal R&D Exhaust Parts Thermal R&D Metal Sheets Thermal R&D Custom Exhaust Ports Thermal R&D Exhaust Part Thermal R&D Symbol


We worked with our clients to integrate their identity and brand into tradeshow assets in an effort to introduce their direct product line to new audiences.

Thermal R&D Tradeshow Booth
Thermal R&D Tradeshow


A pioneer in their industry, Thermal R&D was able to adapt to new markets and engage new consumers using their trade show pieces and new interactive website.


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